Triode JUNONE 845S

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845 class-A single ended integrated amplifier

Circuit system 845 class-A single ended integrated amplifier
Tubes 845 x 2, PSVANE WE300B x 2, 12AT7 x 2, 12AX7 x 2
Bias Fixed bias, adjustable with bias meter
Output power 22W+22W at 8 ohms
Frequency response 25Hz-36kHz(-3dB)
S/N ratio 85dB
Input sensitivity LINE 220mV, MAIN IN 1,500mV
Input impedance LINE 100kΩ, MAIN IN 10kΩ
Input terminals RCA unbalanced x 5(LINE1-4, MAIN IN x 1)
Speaker output terminals 4~8 ohms
Equipped components High quality speaker terminal
Other functions Remote control (Volume , Mute)

Bias adjuster with bias meter

Ham balancer volume

Power consumption 330W
Dimensions W430 x D410 x H277mm
Weight 45.0kg
Accessories Tube cover, Remote control