LP: КИНО — «Любовь — это не шутка» (1986/2020) [Black Vinyl]

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Maschina Records proudly presents the first ever edition of KINO’s recording session called «Любовь — это не штука». It was recorded in 1986 and abandoned by the band. Now it was faithfully restored from the original master tapes and will be published as a historical document. The cover artwork was made using the sketch by Andrey Kirsanov, a band’s good friend. This edition contains a booklet with extensive liner notes and rare/unpublished photos. The original band members Yuri Kasparyan and Igor Tikhomirov, as well as Victor Tsoi’s son Alexender were also involved in the production and approval process.

Black vinyl. Contains 12-page booklet.

01 — Попробуй спеть вместе со мной
02 — Любовь — это не шутка
03 — Прохожий
04 — Закрой за мной дверь я ухожу
05 — Разреши мне
06 — Братская Любовь
07 — Дальше действовать будем мы
08 — Ты мог бы быть героем
09 — Ты обвела меня вокруг пальца
10 — Спокойная Ночь