LP: Prince Ital Joe Feat. Marky Mark — «Life In The Streets» (1993/2022) [Orange Vinyl]

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Many people know the famous American actor Mark Wahlberg, but few remember that he started in the early 90s as a successful rap artist. In this, his career is very similar to Will Smith. After two successful hip-hop albums, in 1993 Mark decided test his luck in Eurodance and recorded a dance album with ragga artist Prince Ital Joe, which was very successful. Album has been written and produced by notable persons of the dance music. Frank Peterson was one of the members of the first line-up of the Enigma, and later – the successful pop producer, including Sarah Brightman and his own project Gregorian. The second producer of the album was the famous DJ and frontman of U96 Alex Christiansen. Includes the hits United and Happy People.


Life In The Streets (Intro)

Rastaman Vibration
Happy People
To Be Important
In Love
Love Of A Mother
Into The Light
In The 90’s
Life In The Streets