LP: Midi, Maxi and Efti — «Midi, Maxi and Efti» (1991/2021) [Black Vinyl]

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Pop-reggae /eurodance project created and curated by Alexander Bard with the participation of members of the Army Of Lovers team. Dance hits performed by twin sisters Midi and Maxi Behranu and their mate Efti Teclehaimanot swept like a whirlwind across the dancefloors of Europe and America (and Russia as well). The singles «Bad Bad Boys » and «Ragga Steady » hit the dance charts all over the world. «Masenko », another hit from this LP, still reminds of the best Army Of Lovers works. Alexander and his colleagues from the AOL team Anders Wallbeck, Per Adebratt, the leader of the Secret Service Ola Hakansson (who, by the way, was also an executive producer of Army Of Lovers’ albums in 90s), as well as Stakka Bo and E-Type were responsible of the musical production.

The reissue of the original album is available on classic black and limited edition gold vinyl.


Side A
01 Ragga Steady
02 Poppadink Tribe
03 Masenko
04 Basement Boyfriend
05 I Got Riddim
06 Go Girlie Go

Side B
01 Culture Of Youth
02 Bad Bad Boys
03 Jamma On Da Savannah
04 You Can Make It
05 Sisterhood Of Africa
06 Ragga Steady Dub