LP: Angel X — «Welcome To The Soul Asylum» (1993/2023) [Silver Vinyl]

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Introducing the first vinyl edition of the solo album by the German singer Andreas Harde, released in 1993. The bright and memorable vocals of the performer can be heard in the title track of the second ENIGMA album, as well as on a number of Sandra’s solo recordings.

The recording was written and produced by ENIGMA creators Michel Cretu and Jens Gad. The style of the album is combined with the main project of the authors and is close to it in terms of aesthetics. In Russia, during the era of cassette releases, "Welcome To The Soul Asylum" was released under the name "ENIGMA III", which is why many fans did not know the artist’s real name. Let’s fix this bug!

The release is expected to arrive in the warehouse in September 2023.

1 In The Name Of Love
2 I Would Never Fall In Love With You Again
3 The Same Invitation
4 All My Life
5 Bring My Soul Back To You

1 Save Me
2 Jennifer
3 Soul Asylum
4 No Alone But Lonely
5 Chance Of A Lifetime